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What does Gaston Financial Consulting offer?

As much or as little as you want! The consulting process is intended to help you focus on your financial status in order to create a visionary reality. Whether you want a complete financial plan or just to purchase known needed services; it’s all about your choices and helping you!


Objective of what the Consulting Process may help you do…

  • Increase your spendable income
  • Minimize the impact of taxes
  • Increase your net worth

Together we can create a roadmap that starts right where you are to help you get to where you want to go.

  • Cash management – debt reduction
  • Income tax considerations
  • Accumulation for future goals
  • Financial independence

We’ll review your investment profile; determine your risk tolerance; protect and prepare for your future as well as those who mean the most to you!

What’s the next step?

Introductions – We’ll meet and decide how we may want to proceed.  We will review & select – choices of services offered).  Please see the attached “Homework Page”.  This will give you an idea of some of the questions that will be asked.  Knowing the answers to these will make our first meeting(s) more productive and efficient.  Time is valuable to us all!

  1. Information gathering – (can be at first meeting, if desired) confidential meeting to explore your particular needs and goals (after choice of service is selected, a deposit may be required – depending upon service selected)
  2. Confirmation – review given information for accuracy; checking for any changes or corrections
  3. Report – prepared report of analysis, projections, and possible solutions
  4. Implementation – Paperwork will be completed for each necessary service or product being implemented.

Usually, after the initial meeting, depending upon the service selected, we will meet 2-3 more times while the process is underway.  After implementation, we will meet either quarterly or semi-annually to review progress as needed.

Before the first meeting…

Here are some things for you to think about and gather information for me so that our time together will be efficient and productive. This information will enable me to focus on your priorities and custom fit a plan that will work for you to help achieve your goals.

All information that you share with me is held in the strictest of confidence. If you choose to fax the information to me that I’ve requested below, please be assured that it is a direct line to me personally.

“Homework” – so to speak…

  1. What are your main goals? What’s important to you? What are you trying to accomplish? What have you already established towards your goals and what are you currently doing to ensure that you reach your goals?
  2. How much money comes in each month, how much goes out each month – in other words, what is your cash flow? How much are you able and willing to put towards reaching your goals on a monthly basis?
  3. What coverage(s) do you currently have in place – life, health, disability, savings, investments, etc.? What are your premiums; death benefit amounts and cash values in your policies?  Who are your beneficiaries?  Who will take care of your children? How are you going to pay your bills if you can’t work?
  4. At what age are you realistically planning to retire?  Looking at your social security statement, what is the projected amount for retirement at age 62? 67? 70?
  5. What do you currently have saved for retirement – 401k?, pension?, just some savings? – what percentages are you contributing?
  6. Visualize your retirement – where do you plan to live?  Sell what you have? Buy something smaller and newer?  Move away; out of state?  How are you pay for your care – if something happens to your health?

Contact me today at 281-954-6398 to learn exactly how I can assist you to create your financial goals as well as the best ways to create your wealth management strategy. There is no obligation or cost for the initial meeting.

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